After two albums in English, Gloria Estefan decides to demonstrate her musical roots, and in 1993 published her first Latin album entirely in Spanish called „Mi Tierra“. This album became the most successful album of her career. Some of the best-known and most well-respected Latin musicians were employed to further embellish the album, featuring the legendary Cuban Maestro Israel Lopez „Cachao“, considered the creator of Mambo and one of the greatest exponent of Cuban music. Within this album you can listen to a range of Latin rhythms in which the voice of Gloria Estefan is extremely well suited for the material.

One of the songs masterfully composed was „Con los años que me quedan“, written by Gloria and Emilio Estefan, inspired by their relationship. The beautiful lyrics and the romantic guitars further embellished the melody, converting the song into a classic of Latin music.
Today I present you our version of this song, accompanied by Samuel Cano on the piano and Ramon Ramirez on percussion. I would like to thank Samuel, Ramon and Bobby for all their talent, efforts and contribution to these recordings. I’m very happy indeed with the result and I hope you will feel the same way too. However, I would be happier if you share this video with all your friends on your favorite social networks and leave me a comment on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Your feedback is very important for me.
With love,



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