„Perfidia IKIRA BARÚ“


Perfidy, is a term not widely used to name a song but with a meaning that inspired many of the greatest popular compositions of the time.

Alberto Domínguez Borrás was a prominent songwriter, arranger, pianist and self-taught architect. He was born in Chiapas, Mexico in 1911 and was recognized as one of the most famous and respected composers of Latin American music. The most successful song of his career is Perfidia, which was first published in 1939 and thereafter recorded by renowned artists such as Glenn Miller, Nat King Cole, Nana Mouskouri, Los Tres Caballeros, Javier Solis, Xavier Cugat or Louis Armstrong, among others. Glenn Miller called Alberto Domínguez, the „Music Director“ of World War II, because, in his words: „when it came to entertaining the troops with my music show, the most requested song was Perfidia.“

The maestro Alberto was a huge fan of Jazz, Classical music and films. His song Perfidia was included on the soundtrack of several movies, among them the exceptional Casablanca. The song can be heard in the background during the scene where Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) and Rick (Humphrey Bogart) are dancing at a nightclub in Paris.

It was a challenge to revive a song with such a rich history behind it. During the rehearsals with the musicians, Samuel Cano on piano and Ramón Ramirez on percussion, some unexpected musical variations came up. There are touches of Ragtime, Jazz and Salsa. These young musicians ultimately did their best to make a creative accompaniment without leaving the antique melody of this bolero.

With all my love I present you my latest video as a Christmas and New Year gift. I hope you enjoy it and do not forget to share it with all your friends by e-mail or your favorite social networks. We all will be very thankful for that.

Happy 2013!

Ikira “


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