„Qué será de ti? IKIRA BARÚ“


With a soft, melancholy and romantic voice, Roberto Carlos developed a continental and overwhelming presence throughout his career that catapulted him as an idol of romantic music and as the only Latin American singer who has sold more copies than the Beatles.

Jorge Maunet called him the apostle of love:

„Roberto Carlos is the popular poet of Brazilian’s towns. Provincial and genuine, fatalistic and unfriendly, loving and nostalgic, unruly and easygoing, puritan and sexy, idol and a humble citizen, he is the great king placed right between the permissible and the forbidden“.

Roberto Carlos is also recognized as one of the greatest songwriters in Latin American history, in collaboration with his friend and everlasting composing partner Erasmo Carlos, who is erroneously considered by many as his brother.

Every song „The King“ sang was like an endearing images album, which made ​​him one of the most desirable singers for songwriters who wanted to launch their songs. Despite having a rather wonderful portfolio of his own songs, Roberto Carlos also recorded the work of other songwriters.

In 1972 he recorded “Como vai você?”, known in spanish as „Qué será de ti?“, a song that became so popular through his voice that a lot of people even believed it was his authorship.

Contrary to what most people think, “Como vai você?” or „Qué será de ti?“, was not written by Roberto Carlos but by the Brazilian singer/songwriter Marcos Antônio (8/11/1945, São Paulo – 5/4/1992, São Paulo) in 1972, in collaboration with his brother Mário Marcos. The first recording of the song was made by Roberto Carlos with immediate success. The following year the songwriter made a recording of it but didn’t evoke the same response.

Antônio Marcos was recognized in the seventies as a singer/songwriter of the Brazilian movement „Jovem Guarda“. Many of his songs have been re-recorded by artists such as Tim Maia, Nando Reis y Maria Bethânia.

Today, I am very pleased to present you this nostalgic hymn. I hope you enjoy the video and also share it with your friends via e-mail or your favorite social networks. I would also be very happy if you leave me a comment on the video on YouTube and a „like“  =) . That’s the best way to show your support for my Latin Heritage musical project.

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