„Te Busco IKIRA BARÚ „

Drawing your image in a shadow…

The above phrase is a part of one of the most beautiful songs written by the Dominican singer-songwriter Victor Jose Victor Rojas, called „El sonero mayor dominicano“, who was part of the Wilfrido Vargas’s orchestra and to whom Felipe Pirela recorded many of his compositions.

Victor Victor is one of the most recognized and respected artists of the Dominican music scene. He is considered one of the greatest exponents of Bachata, also known as the „Dominican Bolero“.

As mentioned by the composer in an interview „Bachata is a romantic expression that always has something to say by provoking emotions such as joy, sadness or nostalgia“. Te busco is a song that masterfully describes a story and elicits real emotional responses in the listener.

Te busco is a lyric within the bachata, it’s a story that happened to a friend of a friend who lost his wife. She was kidnapped and disappeared in India. This story struck me because he was still looking for many years after. The song is my personal interpretation of this sad story.“

I felt a bit hesitant to sing this song because I knew I had to face and remember moments that touched my soul. It is very hard not to cry while listening to this song and is impossible for me to not cry while singing it.

Instead of sadness, I hope you enjoy this song and share it with all your friends.

With love,
Ikira “


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