„Unforgettable IKIRA BARU“


As a singer, sitting in my living room playing an album of Nat King Cole is really inspiring. I fell in love with his voice the first time I heard him sing Boleros.

In the 1950’s Nat King Cole was one of the most renowned soloists and his singing style was unmistakable. He was a reluctant singer who didn’t think he had much vocal talent. For many years he was a leading Jazz pianist and formed small bands to work at Chicago and Los Angeles nightspots.

I discovered „Unforgettable“ (published in 1951) when listening to his recordings. This song was his signature tune and after his performance it became one of the greatest love songs of all times.

Unforgettable was composed by American songwriter Irving Gordon who worked with famous musicians such as Duke Ellington and just after four decades of writing it, he won a Grammy. He told to the audience when he received the Grammy: „It’s nice to have a song come out that doesn’t scream, yell and have a nervous breakdown while it talks about tenderness,“…“People . . . want a melody. They want to be able to sing a song.“

Today I would like to present to you my version of this song accompanied by my guitarist Jonathan who played an unvariable rhythm and transformed the sound of the guitar into a cloud filled with the lyrics, the melody and my voice moving across a sky of feelings. It felt that way when I was singing it and you can feel that way too when you tell someone: Unforgettable, that’s what you are… unforgettable, though near or far.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do.

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