Kennen Sie schon Shefqet Avdush Emini?

Artist biography:

Born in Davidovc-Kosovo# Lives and works in the Netherlands# After studies conducted at the Fine Art Académie in Prishtina –Kosova, worked as a teacher of fine art# These past two decades living and working in the Netherlands as an independent painter# Experts of art have described the work of Shefqet Emini „expressionisem abstract figurative art#“ An artistic work that includes a colorful range expresive, a unique game of colors# Oil on canvas has been the most used technique to express feelings with a vibrant palette and a-layering of colour to created abstract figurative expressionisem elements# Use the brushes is bold and autonomous power and freedom of kolorit in painting is what makes it accepted in numerous museums and galleries in the world such as those in Sweden, Denmark, Turkey, Egypt, China, Austria, Holands, Germany , Italy, England, Spain, Portugal, Luver France, Belgium, Romania,Bulgaria, Macedonia,Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania,Brazilia# Shefqet Emin is one artist that all energy has devoted activity vital creations: painting and sculpture#


Permanent collection of the Museum MAC Brazil 2011
Permanent collection of the Gallery Tetovo, Macedonia 2010
Permanent collection of the Gallery Aiud, Romenia 2010
Permanent collection of the Museum Tepecik,Turky 2010
Aperon Art PLus Gallery, Istanbul 2010
Gallery Tornby Denmark 2010;
RKD as from 2003;
Foundation Symbiose Sittard as from 2003;
Foundation art centre keeps out 2003;
AIDA as from 1994
Stichting Kunstcentrum Weert as from 2003;
Permanent collection of the National Gallery of Art in Tirana 1993
Artist figurative association of the Kosovo as from1989;
President of the foundation ‚Zef Kolombi ‚ Ferizaj Kosovo as from 1988-1992











height: 150 cm in our exhibtion as: presentation
width: 100 cm price: not for sale
technics: Acryltechnik    
work’s material: carton-linen


. K U N S T ~ L E B E N . C O M


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