Kennen Sie schon die Künstlerin IKIRA BARU?



Ikira Baru is a Colombian singer and record producer. She is from Barranquilla, the Caribbean Coast of Colombia – the same city where Shakira was born and raised.

The people from Barranquilla are viewed in Colombia as fun-loving, hospitable, enterprising, fashion-conscious and big music lovers.

This kind of atmosphere left a mark on Ikira early on in her life.

Ikira started taking singing lessons at the age of 5. She had various singing teachers in Colombia, Argentina and Australia.

In early 2010 she completed her studies in Audio Engineering.

If you love latin music then you will like the mellow music of Ikira and her talented band.

„I would describe my style as Latin Acoustics. The songs we perform are contemporary, acoustical interpretations of Latin-American, Caribbean and Mediterranean classics of the 20th and 21st century“ – Ikira Baru

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