Kennen Sie schon Walter Kaufmann?

The artist walt was born 25.05.1944 in the zodiac symbol of the twins. WALT ist married and has four children. The Artist has been drawing and painting since his early youth. in his professional career he has not taken the artist path. WALT was active in the private business world where he had been a leader in logistics, leading a distribution platform with 45 amployees. The art accompanied him his entire life. WALT has gebun to paint intensively in the year 1990 – at the start of his first exhibition. He had developed and sophisticated his artistic abilities as a self-educated person, taking courses in art schools and workshops with painters and sculptors. In the year 2004 WALT established a studio for paintings and scupture in a old farmer cheese-production facility. On the homepage you can find all the details about WALT and a selection of his artstic expression. The selection team of an international art gallery writes the following after seeing his artistic works „The colorful works gave us the impression of seeing abstract compositions in realistic spaces. This interaction of abstractions has convinced us – or how one member of the jury expressed ist: defamiliarization – where you can find again an again realistic composites (especially in the 3D works)“.

2010 CIGE Beijing, PULS 5 Zürich, Kunst-Expo Bern
2009 Bridge Art New York, BESO, ART Kunstmesse Vaduz
2008 artexpo New York, artcenter berlin, Gallery Artodrome Berlin/Beijing
2008 art+chi Shanghai, Europ’Art Genève
2008 little va Gogh Bad Honnef, ART Int. Zürich
2007 little van Gogh Bad Honnef, ART International Zürich, Artodrome Forchheim
2005 div Kulturforen CH
2004 dito
2003 dito
1999 Galerie Orion Zürich


Höhe: 80 cm Erwerb durch: Preisverhandlung
Breite: 120 cm Preis: VB 4 000,00 €
Technik: Acryltechnik Postleitzahl: 6276
Bildträger: Gewebe – Leinwand Ortschaft: Hohenrain (CH)
Oberfläche: glatt Unterschrift: auf der Rückseite
M i T . K U N S T ~ L E B E N . C O M


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