Kennen Sie schon Juan Luis Quintana?


1991-89 PHD Courses in the field of image and its back- grounds. School of Fine Arts. University of Barcelona.

1982-77 Bachelor´s degree in Fine Arts . University of Barcelona..


1989-88 Scholarship to study Computer Design for Education. PIE. Generalitat de Catalunya.

1987 Computer Art. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


2001 Curator for the exhibit as a cultural exchange in between Gent ,Belgium and Barcelona. May 2001 Casa Elizalde.

1992-91 Professor of Painting in the European Master´s of Fine Arts Program, Winchester School of Barcelona.


Juan Luis Quintana

2010 Sala Consell 242. Barcelona

2007 Sala Consell. Group show. Barcelona.

2005 Albion Art Galeria. Individual. Painting. Anthropomorphic Lndscapes. June. Barcelona

2004 Sala Gaudi. Colectiva. Homage to Cubism. Madrid.

2003 Art Expo. Marbella. Malaga

2003 The Crossings. Group show colection. Austin. Texas. USA

2002 Art Actual Homage to Pere Gimferrer. Barcelona

2001 CJK. Painting. Gent. Belgium.

2000 Open Studios of Barcelona. Pueblo Nuevo.

2000 Espai Blanc. Objects of artists. Barcelona.

1999 Art Actual. Casa Elizalde. Group Show. Barcelona.

1996 Canisius College. Paintings. Buffalo. New York. USA.

1995 Galeria Carles Poy. Design. .La Boutique. Barcelona.

1994 Galeria Neo. Paintings. Buffalo. New York. USA.

1991 Galeria Vicent Bernat. Paintings. Barcelona.

1990 Galeria Cartoon. Paintings. Barcelona.

1989 Galeria Cafe Iruña. Paintings. Tolosa.

1988 Galeria Estol. Paintings. Barcelona.

1987 Banco Central Español in San Francisco. Paintings. USA.

1987 Hansen Galleries. Group Show. Chicago. USA.


The Crossings. Austin. Texas. USA

Augere Foundation


height: 70 cm sales option: fixed price
width: 100 cm fixed price: fixed price 1 500,00 €
technics: mixed media postal code: 08024
work’s material: board city/country: Barcelona
    signature: right bottom
~ K U N S T ~ L E B E N ~ C O M ~

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