Kennen Sie schon Neolardo Arteros?


As a young man Neolardo discovered his affinity to artistic activities: He played the bass in the beat and rock formations called „The Earls“, „Session Eight“ and „Fallen Dice“, that were known and successful all over the country. Nameable „trophies“ of his career as a musician are the album recorded with Mathias Reim and a winner’s cup given by the former Prime Mi-nister of Lower Saxony named Kubel.

In the 1970s Neolardo got the impulse to commit himself to painting: He was in a restaurant and drew „something“ on the beer mats. The owner of the place already knew Neolardo for his „beer coaster paintings“ and came up to him one day. He said: „Go and get some oil paint and canvas. You should start painting!“ and gave Neolardo 100DM to finance his first equip-ment. (Some of the beer coaster paintings are still in the archive of the artist.)

At first Neolardo’s art was particularly inspired by Salvador Dali, so that the years between 1970 and 1987 can be categorised as the „surrealistic phase“. Neolardo taught himself the complicated techniques of oil painting and increased the quality of his pictures, so that he could showcase his works. The head of the cultural department of Geottingen, Dr. Schilling, accepted Neolardo’s application whereupon he showed his pictures in 1970 to the public. Until 1976 Neolardo’s works graced every art market. His most popular painting called  „Rhythmus der Zeiten“ was exhibited and endowed highly by the gallery owners. The picture is still in possession of the artist and is not yet offered for sale.

The press also reported about Neolardo’s facade paintings which belonged to the first ones in Germany. Neolardo accepted numerous bids to paint clubs and discotheques and designed commercial arts for local companies.

Until a near-death experience Neolardo earned his living as a locksmith. In 1970 he started his career as a freelance musician and artist. Between 1974 and 1976 he visited a professional school for technology and got his second training qualification as an engineering technician. But Neolardo never stopped painting besides that and optimised his techniques. In 1982 he got the university-entrance diploma and wanted to study art in Berlin. But: The foundation of his family and the birth of his daughter made him change his plans!

In 1984 Neolardo started his studies in Goettingen to become a dentist and set his painting aside. The last picture of his „surrealistic phase“ was completed in 1987. After that he devoted himself to his family and his son was born in 1990. Neolardo finished his studies and still makes his living as a dentist today.

Neolardo’s new creative phase began in 2001. The first painting of the new era („Ocean Of Wet Dreams“) took a year to get finished. Neolardo refined and optimised his individual tech-niques using pigments and uses this method today in his personally created painting style.

Experts of the art scene agree:

After 30 years of experience in artistic creating NEOLARDO meets the technical requirements to present a painting style which has a high recognition value and finds nothing comparable, neither nationwide nor internationally.

The unusual and technically luxurious works are overwhelmingly fascinating because they do not match any known pattern. On the first sight the pictures seem subliminal, which meets the intention of the artist. After a while of consideration the viewers see contents according to their spirits and understandings. This way Neolardo’s works become clear, unambiguously or ambiguously. That is the high art of his paintings: To offer unexpected width of the interpretation of a picture.

 E. Alberding (Gallery Owner)


Höhe: 100 cm Darstellung als: Präsentation
Breite: 140 cm Preis: unverkäuflich
Technik: Tupftechnik    
Bildträger: Gewebe – Leinwand



































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