Kennen Sie schon Valery Rybakow?

About me, impressionism palette knife oil paintings artist Valery Rybakow (

In the career of the professional artist I tried various styles and technicians of painting.The greatest satisfaction and pleasure of my soul causes drawing of canvases with painting with oil and palette knife.

In each picture I try to transfer beauty and pleasure of a life, unique harmony of soul.

It is the heavy technics of drawing of paintings demanding a lot of time, forces and spiritual experiences.

However each painting drawn by me shows bright paints full of human emotions and a sincere impulse to beauty every instant to this fine life.

I am glad to inform, that since recent time I sell the canvases and on Internet (


My paintings are in collections of the different countries of the world: USA, England, Italy, France, Canada, Australia and other countries.


 a member of the Trade union of artists of Russia

The rating Center of the Trade union of artists appropriates a rating category:

Rybakow Valery Valentinovich – 5B – „professional artist“.


LARGE Landschaftsmalerei

Höhe: 40 cm Verkaufsoption: Auktion
Breite: 70 cm €-Preisanzeige: In 1 T 5 Std 24 Min 52 Sek
Technik: Ölfarbtechnik Postleitzahl: 22532
Bildträger: Gewebe-Leinwand Ortschaft: Belarus – Europe
Oberfläche: oil on canvas Unterschrift: auf der Rückseite


~ K U N S T ~ L E B E N ~ C O M ~


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