Kennen Sie schon Tonis Maniatis?

+49 (0)170 2128393
+49 (0)711 650594
theodor-storm-str. 25
70197 stuttgart

in print:
„Le livre international des ventes“, Paris
„La Cote des peintres 1998“, Paris
„The Art Sale Index“, London

world wide web:
New York:

Tonis Maniatis was born in Greece in Leikia near Kalamata on Pelepones. This region is called „Mani“. There he finished the scool of economics and left Greece in 1960 to go to Stuttgart in Germany where he studied painting and fine arts. However he develloped mainly as an autodidact.

The paintings and exhebitions of Tonis Maniatis have been reviewed in many articles and esseys in journals and newspapers. The art critics in Germany and french publications have been so kind ton give him the attribute „Maler des Lichts“ what may be translated to „painter of illumination“. This probably characteriseses his work in the very best way.

Extract of an article of A. Alexandropoulou – journalist in Athens, Greece.

Violet Almondtrees #1

Höhe: 100 cm Verkaufsoption: auf Anfrage
Breite: 120 cm    
Technik: Ölfarbtechnik Postleitzahl: 70197
Bildträger: Gewebe – Leinwand Ortschaft: Stuttgart (D)
    Unterschrift: rechts unten


~ K U N S T ~ L E B E N ~ C O M ~


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