Kennen Sie schon Renzo Valenti?

The painter begins to study the Classics, he creates copies that reflect his personal vision and that become a new interpretation in spite of the fidelity to the original picture. Valenti is a self-taught man, this passion for drawing makes him study and experiment the technique of oil ñcolors and he remains always true to this technique. His only real teachers are the painters that belong to the history of art, he contemplates the canvas at the museum, he studies art books. From Rembrandt he takes the effects of an astonishment made of light and shade, the Classicism helps him to reach the armony of the forms. The italian Mannerism induces him to a magic realism that will become his personal style. At the end an attentive glance to the contemporary figurative art creates the right mixture of colors and forms.
Actually Valenti creates canvas of great dimensions, he represents scenes of quotidian life and bizarre nature…, as if he were a flemish painter of the 21∞ century. He is attracted to everything is happening around a rich table, he proposes contemporary ìLast dinnerî, he fixes on the canvas stolen immages of a convivial banquet, he is creating an unreal immobility, he wishes to give a moment of meditative silence to the spectator that is observing. The glasses with their transparences become plastic elements that reflect unexpected gleam. A man, the glass, the plastic, the steel, everything becomes the same impalpable substance that seems to fade before our eyes.

Ausstellungenrenzo valenti

new york

astratto nr.3

‚astratto nr.3‘

Höhe: 100 cm Verkaufsoption: verkauft
Breite: 120 cm    
Technik: öl    
Bildträger: leinwand  
~ K U N S T ~ L E B E N ~ C O M ~


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